Tomato 1.24

Here's 1.24... Sorry for the long pause there. Have a nice weekend everyone. :)

Version 1.24
  • Fixed static IP entry was ignored if it exceeded a certain length even though the GUI allowed it.
  • Fixed Device List may not display Static IP hostnames.
  • miniupnpd replaces the older UPnP service, adds NAT-PMP support (must enable).
  • Added options for DDNS refresh time and do not perform an 'NVRAM commit' for DynDNS in the GUI.
  • Added ID for WTR54GS, WZR-G108 - thanks to BaoWeiQuan; WR100 - thanks to Hovsep.
  • Various fixes, WL500GP, WL520GU, WBR2G54 - thanks to Fedor.
  • Added options for more SSH/telnet connect limits in Admin:Access.
  • Added option to use WAN port for LAN in Basic:Network.
  • Reworked logout. Tested with IE, FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
  • Updated Busybox 1.14.0, Dnsmasq 2.47, L7 filters 20090510.
  • Startup LED options removed from GUI. You can still enable LEDs at startup by adding any of the following lines in Admin:Scripts:Init:
    led amber on
    led white on
    led aoss on
  • Show Browser Icon option removed. It's now always enabled.