Rikaichan 2.08

Version 2.08
  • Fixed rules and handling of verbs.
  • Settings now use the extensions prefix. Users may need to re-enter the settings (sorry about this).
  • Refactored a few depreciated code.
  • Now runs with E10S enabled. This actually needs a lot more work (patches are welcome), but for now it will at least run with E10S enabled using compatibility shims.

Rikaichan 2.06

Version 2.06
  • Fix a problem with the context menu checkmark.
  • Fix a problem parsing the Warodai dictionary data.
  • Write the Unicode byte-order marker when saving to a new UTF-8 file. This can be disabled in the options.

The "No Error Preview Is Undefined" add-on ;)

This Firefox add-on is a work-around to prevent... Error: preview is undefined Source: resource://gre/modules/WindowsPreviewPerTab.jsm ...messages that litter the Error Console in Firefox 3/4/5 + Windows 7 when the last tab is closed (and closing last tab is enabled in the settings). Be aware that this disables Firefox's AeroPeek features. Download
Again, this is a work-around, not a real fix. I assume it will be fixed in Firefox 6.

Rikaichan 2.03

Version 2.03
  • Added a lookup box that you can add anywhere in the toolbar. Press ESC or double-click the popup to close the display. [how to customize the toolbar]
  • Added Firefox option to show the lookupbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Added option to hide "(X)" marked dictionary entries.
  • Fixed Firefox lookupbar positioning (again).
  • Fixed a few problems in Options dialog.