Tomato 1.28

Version 1.28
  • Fixes for udhcpc. Thanks to fedor for his help.
  • Warn if saving an empty Access Restriction since it's the same as blocking everything.
  • Add option in Admin:Access to select which menus are permanently expanded.
  • Increase PPPoE username and password length.
  • Increase limit for web_printf to avoid problems handling very long variables.
  • Update Dnsmasq to 2.55.
This is basically beta 1812 with an updated Dnsmasq.


The Middle Mouse Button

This is a very simple Firefox extension that will allow you to use the middle mouse button as a Go Back button. At the end of the browser history, it can also close the current tab.

Note: Some mouse drivers will set the middle mouse button to act as something else by default. You will need to disable that feature if you want to use this extension.