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» Rikaichan 3.00a3 (new)
This pre-release version focuses mainly on making Rikaichan more compatible with Firefox e10s. Thunderbird and Seamonkey support is also here, but mostly untested right now.

Major changes have been made to the code, so be aware that some things may still be buggy in this version. Please report problems to this email address.

3.00a3 You can download 3.00a3 here.

» Rikaichan 2.09
» Installing in Thunderbird?

Dictionary Files

Please install one or more dictionary files to use with Rikaichan.

Unsigned Dictionary Files

The files listed below are updated more frequently than those listed above, but are not "signed." These files will only work on Firefox versions that do not use signature verification or on versions that will allow you to disable it. Examples: Firefox ESR, Firefox Developer Edition, "Unbranded" Firefox.

Thunderbird can use both signed and unsigned addons.